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Philip Belyew has been taking pictures for more than 30 years.  However, the love and understanding of photography as an art form is relatively new.  He claims digital cameras, Photoshop and YouTube were the three best inventions ever.  They all contributed to his technical style.  But the real reason people like his work is because now he can see the shot before he trips the shutter.  His lovely wife Kathryn taught him how to do that a few years ago.  Throw in some understanding about light, and Philip has figured out the formula for success.    

Every morning starts with a quest for a cool shot.  Usually a quick drive down to the lake is all it takes to find something interesting... 

He and his wife have a little studio at The Goat Farm Art Center in West Midtown Atlanta. Two of their three children are out of the house now, so this project affords him the opportunity to be creative while spending time with his wife sharing an activity they both enjoy. Along the way, he hopes to make new friends, hear a few interesting stories, and create something amazing just for you!

Urban Fashion Model

The Goat Farm

The Goat Farm isn't actually a goat farm. Many of the tenants call it "twelve acres of creative space." Built in the 1800s, there are quite a few crumbling brick buildings, lots of busted glass, old rusty factory machinery, dust, dirt, nails, and spider webs — an artist's dream! The Goat Farm offers so many unique places to shoot. All you have to do is find the right light, and the amazing photographys will appear before your eyes.

Only the Best Gear

Philip uses high-end Canon™ and Profoto™ gear to capture gorgeous, high-resolution imagery. 


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